Dinners From Hell

This weeks post is going to be a little different. I’m going to be talking about a hilarious blog site called Dinners From Hell.

I came across this site and it immediately caught my attention. I saw that it was stories from both sides of the restaurant; the employees and the customers. I was intrigued from the get go because I personally just find stuff like this hilarious. I love incorporating humor into everything, and the fact that it’s about places that have to do with food, makes it even better. They even have different categories of stories based on what happens like, fast food, server stories and kid stories. Just from the first couple posts you can see this really is an outlet for some people and they manage to let out their rant in a funny way.

One of my favorite blog posts in particular was the “It’s Christmas – Go Buy Yourself Some Manners“.

I thought this post was great. It showed how seriously hard it can be working in a busy restaurant and how rude people will be anyways. The best part about this post is the closing lines, “Keep your $5. It’s Christmas – go buy yourself some manners.”, this cracked me up. It really gave a sense of humor to the whole post just through this small part.

I think blogs like these where people can submit stories and make fun of things are great. It is an entertaining, funny way to express your anger and frustration. Sites like these are fun to follow because they remind you that not everything is always perfect but you can sure as hell make a joke of it anyways. Go check out their page and explore other pages that share peoples’ stories like this one. You’re bound to be in for a good laugh!

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